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Acting Studio and Emotional Intelligence Development Training

for Kids & Teens in Coos Bay, Oregon


Our Mission 

Acting Up, LLC is committed to inspiring positive social change by empowering youth. Our programming is a combination of performing arts and emotional intelligence development components. 


Classes and lesson plans are focused on building self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills. We provide acting training for TV, Film, and Stage. We hope to inspire youth to reach for their dreams regardless of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and help them to build strong relationships, succeed at school and work, and achieve their career and personal goals. We work with kids and teens as individuals and meet them where they are. 


Acting Up is dedicated to providing a fun and inclusive environment that is free of judgment and cynicism.  We offer kids and teens a place to grow, expand their confidence, and express themselves while enriching their lives and the lives of their families and community. 

Here's some classes we've had in the recent past.

  • Saying No to Peer Pressure & Improv Games

  • Conversation Skills & Comedy Acting

  • Voice Acting & Audio Production

  • Improv Games & Self-Esteem

  • Teen Vision Board Empowerment Party

  • Leadership & Scene Work

  • Character Voices

  • Manners & Martians

  • Improv Acting & Working As A Team

  • Comedy & Conversational Skills

  • Dramatic Introductions

  • Comedy & Conflict Resolution

  • Scene Work & Monologues

  • Improv Acting & Affirmations

  • Monologues & Mantra

Calendar of Classes and Events

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We're located at 999 N Front Street in Coos Bay on the Waterfront.We're located inside the warehouse just next to Waynes Color Centre.