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Christmas Presents

 Looking for the perfect gift for a special family in your life?

 How about an entire month of Acting Up's After School Program services with their Gift Certificates! 

Acting Up is delighted to offer Gift Certificates for a month of our fantastic acting program.


This is a unique opportunity to gift a family the chance to explore the world of acting while also developing valuable social and emotional skills. 

Imagine the joy on their faces as they discover new abilities, gain self-confidence, and build stronger social connections through the art of acting.

It's a wonderful way to unlock creativity, foster personal growth, and have a blast!

For just $333, these Gift Certificates make an affordable and meaningful present. If you know a family with a child who could benefit from learning important life skills or if you want to support a family with a challenging child, this is the perfect gift for them.

And here's the best part: Acting Up's After School Program is conveniently accessible to all Coos Bay Schools students, thanks to the reliable and convenient bus service provided by All Coos Bay Schools.

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