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Directed by Desiree Glenn Gaoiran

Co-Director: Wade Hopper



4 A.M. is the hit one-act play by Jonathan Dorf. 


It's a story about teens trying to navigate the night and their fears and dreams as they search for connection.


What's it like to be awake when the rest of your world is asleep? 

Meet early morning joggers, a lonely short-wave radio DJ, a modern Romeo and Juliet, the writer of a most unusual letter, and numerous others.


Through a series of songs, scenes and monologues, they'll survive lonely nights and sleepovers, discover whether the Monster Under the Bed is real and maybe even get to answer that all-important question: "Is anybody out there?"



Cast of Characters


FRANKIE 4 A.M.,teen short-wave radio DJ, Any Gender


JAKE (or JANE), a smart but isolated teen, Any Gender




ANNE, high school student, Female


MONICA, Anne's friend, Female


ROMEO, a teen in love with Juliet, Male


JULIET, a teen in love with Romeo, Female


SLEEPER KID, a teenager who has nightmares, Any Gender


MONSTER UNDER THE BED, manifestation of the Sleeper Kid's fears and 

dreams, entity, Any Gender


NIGHTMARES, dancing manifestations of teenage fears...and dreams, Any Gender


SIMON, high school student, Male


HALE, Simon's friend, Male


FIRE KID, Any Gender teen who's seen a fire


FIRST OFFICER, a caricature of an FBI-like special agent, Any Gender


SECOND OFFICER, the First Officer's overly enthusiastic counterpart, Any Gender


SECOND JOGGER, the opposite gender of the Jogging Teen

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