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The after-school program at Acting Up is a fantastic opportunity for Coos Bay kids to engage in a variety of enriching activities. This program is designed with the aim of teaching valuable social and emotional skills, expanding social networks, and providing homework assistance. It offers a supportive environment where children can learn and grow while having fun.

Acting Up Academy understands the importance of holistic development and focuses on nurturing the creativity and confidence of young individuals. Through their after-school program, students have the chance to explore acting, scene study, character development, improvisation, and more. These classes provide a solid foundation in the performing arts and equip students with the tools they need to excel on stage.

In addition to honing their acting skills, students also benefit from the opportunity to showcase their talents in presentations for family and friends at the end of the program. This not only boosts their self-esteem but also instills a sense of achievement and pride.


By participating in the after-school program at Acting Up Academy, children can discover their passion for the performing arts, develop important life skills, and make lasting friendships. It is a well-rounded program that combines education, entertainment, and personal growth.

After School Program 2023-24 (DG) (2).png

Monthly Tuition Breakdown:
5 Days/wk: $333
4 Days/wk: $295
3 Days/wk: 235
2 Days/wk: $165

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