Acting Up was born during the pandemic. 

Before COVID-19, I was a full-time radio personality with a successful career. I had worked in the media industry for almost a decade.  I was also a licensed Drama Teacher with the TSPC, specializing in social emotional learning with a long history of  narrating children's audio books, over 30 years of experience in community theater,  and  about a decade of acting in the film industry.

When the pandemic hit, I felt a visceral call to rise up in ways that nurtured the children in my community. Here we are nearly 3 years later.

.Fast forward to 2020. When I found myself laid off, I decided it was time to get creative, smoosh all my skillsets together, and begin something new.



Acting Up continues to evolve.  Not only do we offer social-emotional training and acting classes, we now have an After School Program!  Classes and lesson plans at Acting Up are a mashup of self-esteem exercises, dramatic role-playing games, and lesson plans that enforce emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning.  Acting Up offers a safe, structured environment and culture where youth feel valued and included. Our program focuses on self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making, self management, and relationship skills.

Youth that attend the program show improvement in these areas too!

LGBTQIA+ Youth welcome and accepted.

Desireé Glenn Gaoiran

Owner/Founder of Acting Up


Saying No to Peer Pressure & Improv Games

Conversation Skills & Comedy Acting

Voice Acting & Audio Production

Improv Games & Self-Esteem

Teen Vision Board Empowerment Party

Leadership & Scene Work

Character Voices

Manners & Martians

Improv Acting & Working As A Team

Comedy & Conversational Skills

Dramatic Introductions

Comedy & Conflict Resolution

Scene Work & Monologues

Improv Acting & Affirmations

Monologues & Mantra