There's a huge chance you've yet to hear about Acting Up!

Well, that's because Acting Up was born during the pandemic. Brand spankin' new.
Before COVID-19, I was a full-time radio personality with a successful career.  I was also a licensed Drama Teacher with the TSPC, specializing in social emotional learning.

I've worked hard in the media industry for over 9 years. I also have my K-12 Oregon Drama teaching licensure and a long history of  narrating children's audio books, over 30 years of experience in community theater,  and starring in low-budget movies.

I know it's all wildly impressive. 


Fast forward to 2020. When I found myself laid off, I decided it was time to get creative, smoosh all my skillsets together, and begin something new. Enter: ACTING UP


Acting Up continues to evolve.  Not only do we offer social-emotional training and acting classes, we now have an After School Program!  Classes and lesson plans at Acting Up are a mashup of self-esteem exercises, dramatic role-playing games, and lesson plans that enforce emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning.  Acting Up offers a safe, structured environment and culture where youth feel valued and included. Our program focuses on self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making, self management, and relationship skills.


Youth that attend the program show improvement in these areas too! Acting Up is also a nonjudgemental, affirming space for LGBTQIA+ Youth. We are happy to provide a fun, performing arts-based environment that's focused on positive reinforcement, inclusion, silliness, and respect.  

When I'm not teaching acting classes or providing After School program care, I'm hanging with my two amazing teenagers and our 4 incredibly cuddly cats.  

Desireé Glenn Gaoiran

Owner/Founder of Acting Up